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Related post: Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 23:55:15 -0800 (PST) From: false Subject: Parker's Punishment: Quirk's First Bottom Boy Part 1Everything in this story is completely fabricated. Any similarities to real life are just coincidences, Teeine lola pussy etc.Here's the lola freesex next chapter of the Parker's Punishment series! Sorry it took so long. Anyway, enjoy! It was Friday, and it had only been a couple of Newstar lola days since Mr. Quirk gave Parker what he deserved. Mr. Quirk had to stay after school uncensored lolas that day, but just as he sat down at his desk he heard someone knock on the door. "Who else is possibly staying after on pink lola xxx a Friday?" he mumbled to himself. Mr. Quirk then got up from his swivel chair and lolas cuties walked to the door to see lola boy porn who his visitor was. He opened the door, and there stood someone he'd never expected to see again. incest lola passwords "Hey Eric-er, I mean, Mr. Quirk," the man exclaimed. hot lola pics "Oh my god! Brad? Is that really you?" Quirk replied. "I never thought I'd see you again! Come on and get in 15 yo lola pics here," Quirk grabbed Brad by the shirt and pulled him japan lola free inside, shutting the door with his foot. The two men now lola imgboard stood lola porno illegal face to face, both staring at each other lustfully. "Why-where-how are you here?! I thought you graduated college," Quirk asked. "I did, but after the old social studies teacher retired from this school I was the quickest solution," Brad answered. "Has it really ben 8 years?" Quirk sighed. "You've barely changed." He took his Lolas pics hand and placed it on lola pics sex the shorter teacher's chest, feeling through his button-up shirt what Quirk desperately wanted free nude lolas to feel bare. Brad still had the short, dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes, and even though he was 24 Brad barely looked 18. "Neither have you," said Brad, running his fingers through Quirk's wavy, tousled dark-brown hair. Brad had always been attracted to dark-haired men, and Quirk's green eyes and masculine features lola free pic just made him all the more sexy. "I got a notice about a new teacher, but it said 'Brad Gillum,' so I didn't think anything of it..." Quirk said. "Well, I changed my last pre lola fuck name after high school because I kind of wanted a fresh start in college," Mr. Gillum responded, now placing porno lola his hands around Quirk's muscular waist. "I came to see you as soon as possible. I've been waiting so long for it..." lola tgp portals "You have no idea how mutual I pre lola kinder porn feel," Quirk breathed, moving his hand down Gillum's chest and onto the younger man's right nipple, and then squeezed. "Aaahh! Oh yes, I need you so bad...!" Gillum groaned. "I 15 y.o lola illegal miss the old days when you would fuck me hard, with no mercy." "Well, we're both here now, so come here bitch!" And with that Quirk grabbed Gillum's shirt and pulled him into a fierce kiss. The two men passionately tongue-fought in each other's mouths, while moving their hands over their lover's body. Gillum slid one arm underneath the front of Quirk's shirt and started to play with his lolas nudes erect nipples, while the nonude lola other hand lola tgp porno pictures worked porno lola games on unbuttoning Quirk's top. Meanwhile the taller teacher had moved his hands to the blonde's firm butt cheeks, relentlessly groping and squeezing lola free tgp what was now his again. They had moved up against the wall on the opposite side free pics sex lola of the room, and Gillum's back was leaning on it. Quirk's shirt was de illegal porno lola now all the way unbuttoned, and without breaking from the hot make-out he removed it and tossed it on the floor. Now that his chest was bare, Gillum just /had/ to get a better look at it. lola nude erotic star "Mmnchwa - wow, you must have worked petit lola pussy out a lola top lot since I saw you last," Gillum proclaimed after he broke away from his superior's mouth, his eyes glued to the firm pecs and 6-pack abs in front of him. "Yep, top to bottom," Quirk replied, desire in his voice. "Speaking of bottom..." and with that he quickly spun Gillum around and slammed lola sexy kids him chest-first into the wall. "I'm gonna tear yours apart," ls pics lola Quirk whispered in the man's ear, who was now pinned under him against the wall, and started grinding his hardening cock against Gillum's ass lttle lolas top crack. "Oh yeah..! I need you inside me!" the blonde cried, undoing his zipper on his khaki pants, Quirk reaching art lola nude over his arms and unbuttoning his shirt. "I've missed your fat dick stretching my tight hole sooo much!" After he was finished unbuttoning, Quirk ripped off Gillum's shirt to reveal a lolas porn fitted, white tank-top, and the younger teacher pulled his pants over his firm cheeks and let them fall to his ankles. "Still a tighty-whities boy I see," Quirk jeered, looking down at Gillum's white bikini-briefs. The older lola sex hungary man could see how hard the young blonde was getting because his ass looked like it was about to bust out of the taut underwear. Quirk then nude lola sites started to move his fingers along pree lola Gillum's ass crack, searching for 14 y.o. illegal lola his entrance. "Always was, always will be..." Gillum breathed, pushing his butt back, closer to Quirk's amateur pages lola bulging package. lola top nude photos "Oh yeah, you want this bad! It'll just be a little longer... Ah! Here it is," Quirk sneered, having found what he was lolanu desires soon going to brutally pound. He grabbed at the seam of Gillum's briefs lola asia sex with both hands and ripped open a small hole, exposing the tiny cherry he remembered so well. "Are you ready Bradley?" Quirk snarled, and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. Revealed was what could have been a typical black G-string, except that the pouch had a button on the top-middle part, and a fuck lolas nude zipper followed that down to the end of the fabric. The thong was being filled to its limits with Quirk's manhood, which was getting bigger lola forbidden galeries by the minute. "Oh yes, PLEASE Mr. Quirk! Give me your monster cock!" Gillum shouted in desperation. He put his hands on the wall, level with his shoulder blades, bracing himself for what he lusted for so much. Quirk unzipped lola free mpegs his pouch and let his 7 inches lola luv porn of meant flop out - it was just beginning to stiffen. He spit on his hand and started jacking his dick. "Is this what you want, boy?" and with that he stuffed his cock through the hole in the blonde bottom's briefs and began lola russia rubbing it between his juicy buns. "Awww yeah, I can feel it lola 12yo getting bigger..." Gillum moaned. The action was making his own cock grow, which just pulled his underwear tighter around his superior's hardening shaft. When Quirks' dick began poking at the edge of Gillum's brief's waistline lola boys nude he knew that it was fully lola incest hard. He stopped grinding and slowly pulled his engorged bone from the younger teacher's ass cheeks, took hold of it, and then positioned the fat head at petite lola nonude Gillum's lola i am fool hungry hole. "Do nude lola photos it!" The blonde pleaded, "I'm ready." And at that Quirk pushed his cock head against Gillum's entrance. His sphincter gradually widened, letting Quirk's rod force its way inside. lola nubile Finally, Gillum's quivering ass-ring squeezed around the lip of the head. "Aaaaaahhh-ha-haaah!" Gillum panted. "It's bigger that I remember..!" "I bet litl lola you can't wait sun lola tpg to feel the whole thing up your ass, huh?" Quirk taunted, which made Gillum moan and bite lola kids pornsites his lip. The older man then moved his arms - the right across Gillum's chest and the other around his neck - and pulled him toward his chest so he could lolas kids porn hold him perfectly still. And then cyber lola porn he slowly started to move his cock farther into the blonde. "Ah! Uhhhn...!" He gasped as Quirk's dick stretched his hole. free ukraine lola nudists "Oh yeah, I want you to feel every inch of my cock spreading your tight ass!" Quirked growled, still pushing. nude lolas galleries lola girls nude photo "Yeeessssss!" Gillum moaned. "Unh! Deeper..." Quirk couldn't help new star lola but oblige, and continued to invade the smaller man's anal cavity. He finally got four inches of his rod inside, so he thought it was time to speed things up. picture sex lola "Enough of this slow shit! You're taking my cock NOW!" And with that Quirk slammed the rest of his 11 asian lola tgp inches all lola fucking pics the way nude lola thumbs up Gillum's cumchute. lola lita mpegs "AAAAAHHHH! OH GOD! OH MY GOD!" Gillum screamed, grabbing onto Quirk's left arm, his eyes tearing up a little, "Your dick is SOOO big!" The older teacher could feel his seduced boy panting heavily onto his arms from the pain, lola nudes but Quirk knew he loved it. When he looked down he could see Gillum's rock hard cock trying to burst out of his bikini briefs. "That's right, scream tween lola pussy 14 for me," Quirk breathed into Gillum's ear, squeezing his arm tighter around the younger man's neck, nude lola video which made him gasp harder for air. Gillum knew he was a masochist ever since the first time Mr. Quirk's monster tore up his insides, so even though he was in so much pain he was so turned on russia lola incest at lola porn pics the same time. "Mmnh! Mr. Quirk..." Gillum whimpered," Fuck me!" "Say preeten 14 y.o. lola it louder nude lolas girls bitch!" Quirk barked lola boys galleries russin back, removing his arms from around Gillum and then slamming the blonde lola pics non nude chest-first lola pic erotic onto the wall. "FUCK ME!" he cried, the side of his face pressed against the cold stone. "That's my boy," Quirk replied. With his hands on the younger man's shoulder blades he pushed against him and slowly pulled his cock out of Gillum's hole until the ass-ring was only holding his head inside. "Here it comes!" Quirk yelled, and thrust his whole dick back up Gillum's ass. "FUUUUUUUUCCKKK!" Gillum yelled as dark lola Quirk long-dicked him. The older man would slam his cock all the way up the younger boy's ass and then quickly take it out again lola lollipop until just the head was inside, and then repeat. Gillum could feel Quirk's bone getting dry as top lola portal the friction between it and his ass-walls made the blonde's burning 3d lola sex insides lolasex free trailer hotter and hotter. He was fucked lolas in so much pain, but that's how he liked it "YESSS! Tear my ass apart!" Hearing that, Quirk gladly sped up the space. He made sure that whenever he rammed free lola thumbnail his cock into the blonde that his balls slapped against the fabric of Gillum's bikini briefs. "Damn! Your ass is still as tight as it used to be!" Quirk exclaimed, gripping Gillum's waist as he fucked his hole relentlessly. "Ah! Ah! Ah! AH!" Gillum shrieked in rhythm with the bigger man's trhusts. "It hurts so GOOOOOD!!" lolas galleries His insides were flaming as Quirk's rod penetrated him far past his inner sphincter. Gillum's dick was so hard that it also began to hurt, especially since it lola 3d sex was confined within his tight briefs, pointing down at a 45 degree lola sex nude angle. But then, suddenly, Quirk stopped with his cock pushed all the way into his bottom-boy's ass. Gillum thought he was about to cum, but then Quirk pulled his cock completely out of the blonde's stretched hole, letting it rest on tiny lola pics nudes his cheeks. Gillum took this chance to catch his breath and started panting heavily, wondering what Mr. Quirk had planned. Gillum felt his plug fall off of him as Quirk turned to the left, and then heard him rattling with some stuff from his free lola nude desk. But just when the smaller man was going to turn his head Quirk barked, "Keep petite lola nudiste gallerie your nudist lolas pictures free eyes on the wall, bitch!" and Gillum quickly obeyed. Then the blonde felt his head fall towards the wall as his arms were grabbed, the side of his face once again against the wall. african lolas nude "Ow!" pre lola tgp he squeaked, Quirk now holding Gillum's hands behind his back. Then he heard a click as hand cuffs were tightly fastened around the younger teacher's wrists. "What are you -" but never finished because in one swift motion Quirk took hold of Gillum's head and wrapped a Loladiamond piece of lola thumbnails duct tape over his mouth, ear to ear. He let the blonde's face go back up against the wall, leaned closer, and whispered in his hear "You're mine now..." Well, that's all for part 1. Email me if you lola kiddy link want me to continue! Thanks for reading!
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